Cherry Mango Red Wine Smoothie

It's time to be basic this summer.  Everyone is out here buying and making frosé (frozen rosé) and I must admit that I feel left out.  I don't typically drink rosé since it tends to be too sugary for me and gives me a headache almost immediately.  Sad panda.  (Side note - I just tried a rosé gelato today and I didn't get a pesky headache!  Which means I'm pretty sure I'll be eating it everyday until October.)

At any rate, I decided I would make my own version of a boozy frozen drink, using my current favorite beverage - red wine!  I decided I wanted to use frozen mangoes (because I like them) and frozen cherries (because they are delicious) in my smoothie.  Not only will this give our drink a pretty color, but I'm also obsessed obsessed obsessed with cherries.  More specifically, I'm obsessed with cherry flavors and not the actual fruit.  (Fun fact - I tried to eat one of the frozen cherries as-is and could.not.do.it. It's a texture thing for me.)

Throw mangoes, cherries, yogurt, and red wine into the blender and we're doing fine.  I was able to detect a slight hint of the red wine in the drink, which is really all I need.  This was so tasty that I'm hell bent on drinking this several times a week until the end of time.  I'm not exaggerating.

Cherry Mango Red Wine Smoothie
makes 1 smoothie

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  • 1 cup frozen mango, diced
  • 1/2 cup frozen cherries, diced
  • 1/2 cup red wine
  • 1-2 teaspoons Greek yogurt

1) Add all ingredients to a small blender and blend together until it reaches the desired consistency.  Enjoy!

Mango Lassi

It's a beautiful day outside!  Yet here I am sitting at my computer, sipping on a mango lassi.  Casual.

I finally broke down and purchased one of those personal-sized blenders.  I've been hemming and hawing for a while (i.e. over a year) since I have limited counter space and I hate to see a lot of food gadgets sitting around.  I was finally pushed over the edge by seeing frozen mango being stocked at Trader Joe's.  For some reason, this was my breaking point.  I went home and immediately researched blenders on Amazon and picked one up.

Once the blender was in my grubby little hands, I set out to make a mango lassi because...why not?  Why else did I purchase all the frozen mango from TJ's?  This drink is cool and refreshing and exactly what I need throughout this summer.  I went a bit rogue and added a few mint leaves into the blender as well, and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

If you're not a fan of the ratios in my recipe below, fear not!  You can tweak this recipe so so so easily to make it your own.  Don't like Greek yogurt?  Nix it.  Do you want more mango in your drink? Add it.  You're the boss of you!


Mango Lassi
makes 1 smoothie - recipe can be multiplied to make several

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  • 1 1/2 cups frozen mango
  • 1/3 cup Greek yogurt
  • 3/4 cup milk (can be soy, whole, skim, almond...etc...)
  • handful of mint leaves, optional

1) Add mango, yogurt, and milk to the blender.  Blend until all ingredients are incorporated.

2) If using the mint leaves, add them at this point.  Blend the lassi for several seconds to distribute the mint leaves into the drink.

3) Pour the lassi into a glass and serve immediately.

Red Wine & Peach Spritzers


You know I couldn't leave you guys hanging without a summer drink recipe!


In case you're wondering, yes, it is still summer.  It's still hot outside, though not as hot and humid as the past few weeks.  Fall is coming but until it's here, we must inhale all the boozy summer fun our hearts can manage.  What could be better?  Nothing.  Nothing is better.

So here what we have is a beautiful marriage between peach soda and a bottle of red red wine.  This is what we want to do with our last 3.5 minutes of summer!  Get on board this train stat.

If you're more patient than I am (I'm fairly sure that you are), then you can pour wine into the peach soda even slower than I do.  And guess what, it forms this neat separation that makes you feel all fancy when you're drinking it through paper straws.  Pinkies up! 

Also, you don't have to use peach soda.  I did because I love peach flavors (though I'm not a fan of peaches themselves -- it's a texture thing).  You can use any type of soda that you love to drink.  I won't put any limits on you.  Salud!

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Pineapple Vodka


I know what's missing from your summer drink rotation: Pineapple Vodka.

You're welcome.

This is happening folks, and there are no excuses.  If this isn't one of the simplest recipe I've posted on this blog, then I don't know what is.  You're gonna need some pineapple, some vodka, and about a week.  Yassss, a week.  Never fear, you still have time to whip this up before the 4th of July.  I got you covered.

I actually got the idea to make this vodka from my colleague at work.  We somehow started talking about my blog and he found the Strawberry Vodka post (psst...that would be amazing to make for the 4th as well!).  This prompted him to mention the pineapple vodka that he makes each year.  And of course that made me realize how much I need to revisit the whole make-your-own-vodka business.  Because everyone is a winner when we make our own fruit-infused vodka.

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Guinness Margaritas

Guinness Margaritas

Didja know that St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner?   Well. it is.  So let's talk about Guinness.  I'm not a huge fan of Guinness.  While I love stout beer, I realized after completing my local bar's 250-beer beer club that I prefer to drink the stronger stouts.

However, I do love a good margarita.  They are up there on my list of things to drink because tequila is my friend.  At least it is most of the time.  Right now we're on good terms but we have a love/hate relationship.

I was intrigued with the idea of combining Guinness with a margarita.  Not only is it festive for St. Pat's, but it gives me another excuse to drink a margarita.  I can't turn that down, now can I?  This was pretty much the best decision of my week, and the week's not even over yet!  I seriously was in love at first sip.  I will take that second mason jar now please and thank you.

Oh, and I don't have any "in progress" photos of this recipe like I usually do.  That is because of all the kitchen items that I don't own, one of them happens to be a pitcher.  This led to me having to mix this all together in a bowl.  All the bowl-shame is upon me!  Anyhow, I figured I'd spare you all that pretty photograph.  But I think it was all worth it in the end!

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Boozy Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca

I debated for a while as to whether or not I should post this recipe.  You see, I had this grand plan of creating a watermelon mojito and knocking my own socks off with it.  I muddled that watermelon like nobody's business.  I ripped that mint apart with a vengeance.  I poured that rum like a boss.  And then came the part where I topped the whole thing off with ginger ale.

Hmmm...I may have forgotten to purchase ginger ale at the grocery store.

OK, time to MacGyver this thing up.  (If you don't know who MacGyver is, then I'm sorry.  Also, we cannot be friends.)  A girlfriend of mine loves to order vodka waters whenever we go out.  In my time of need, I rustled up a pitcher of water and poured it into my glass.

It was actually pretty good! I was shocked.  I really didn't expect it to be as tasty as it was.  This watermelon and mint is once again a winning combo for me.  Mixed together with sugar, water, rum, and lemon juice, this drink is definitely a quick boozy situation to savor in the last days of summer.

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Malted Milk Ball Guinness Floats

It's time to get your float on.  Cause it's summer and you can justify drinking these as "beverages" and/or dessert.  Go get you some.

Can we all agree that there's nothing better than ice cream/gelato/fro yo?  I'm not picky, really.  All of these frozen custards call to me and I will immediately cave.  I fell victim to a pint of Malted Milk Ball gelato last week.  There may also have been a Key Lime Graham gelato flavor picked up at the same time.  What can I say?  I'm weak.

I started thinking about what to do with these newly acquired desserts.  Of course I could just eat them.  Nothing wrong with that, clearly.  However, I could also try to be creative and make something else out of them.

Enter the Guinness.  Have I mentioned before how I'm in a Guinness phase?  Probably.  To continue this trend, I decided a Guinness float was in order.  One can never have enough Guinness floats.

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Candy Cane Vodka

This year, a few friends of mine decided to set up a Secret Santa exchange.  We got really into it and it ended up being more than awesome.  As I was deciding which gifts to give, Tracy from Shutterbean got all up in my face.  You know what she did?  She showed me how to make Candy Cane Vodka.  I was beside myself.

I'm not typically a fan of vodka.  Did you know that?  Probably not.  But I do make certain exceptions.  The first is for Strawberry Infused Vodka.  The second is for this Candy Cane Vodka.  I love the way it looks so pink and pretty.  It also tastes amazingly peppermint-y.  And it's hella strong.  Yeah, I said "hella".

Anywaysssss, I got super excited about this.  I knew I had to make this goodness for my Secret Santa and also the other ladies in the exchange.  Because why not share all this wealth?  I picked up some containers from Michael's (which, by the way, is the death trap for all things Christmas-y) and got to work.

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Pineapple Sangria

Dearest friends:  I apologize for being absent for so long.  You see, I've spent the past few weeks visiting the South (Huntsvilleeee, what up!), rehearsing (thinking about rehearsing) for a dance performance coming up in September, and traveling to Vermont to be a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding.  And when I wasn't doing any of that stuff, I was probably at work.

I will be so excited when I finally get to spend 24 hours within a 1hr radius of my home.  It looks as if that won't happen until this Friday.  As I patiently await that beautiful day, I will shower you with booze, courtesy of Camille of the Growing Up Gabel blog, which happens to be my Secret Recipe Club assignment this month!

Gee, what can I say about this liquid gold?  First of all, I love pineapple.  Second of all, I love wine.  And these two things happen to be the main ingredients in this awesome and simple cocktail.  I also happen to have quite a paltry selection of beverages on this blog.  And by "selection", I'm talking about my lone strawberry infused vodka beverage post.  I figured I should do something about that.  Really, who can say no to a fruity, sparkling (and boozy) drink?

That's what I thought.

Pineapple Sangria
slightly adapted from Growing Up Gabel

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  • 3 cups pineapple juice
  • 1 750ml bottle white wine (I used a sauvignon blanc)
  • 3-4 tablespoons simple syrup, adjusting to taste
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1 cup Sprite (or similar lemon-lime soda)

1) Pour pineapple juice and wine in to a pitcher.

2) Add in the simple syrup, tasting to get it to your desired sweetness.

3)  Slice the orange, lemon, and lime into half.

4) Squeeze the juice of the citrus halves into the pitcher.

5) Slice the other half of the fruits into rounds.  Drop into the pitcher as well.

6) Pour in the soda and stir.  Chill the sangria until ready to serve.

This cocktail was sweet, slightly tangy, and overall so so refreshing.  I can also envision this sangria being brought together with orange juice, or some other fruit juice if you're not a huge fan of pineapple.  Imagine the friends you will make if you bring this to a BBQ or whip this out on a hot day.  Tons, let me tell you.  Tons.

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Strawberry Infused Vodka

I've got a new obsession.  Let's be clear.  I have a new obsession every few weeks, but this one is cracking me up.  It's called a podcast.  And they're funny, people.  Hilarious.

Let me stop here for a minute.  I know that many of you are already familiar with such things as a podcast.  But if you don't know, I'll explain.  A podcast is similar to a radio broadcast.  It's just broadcast across the internet instead of across the airwaves.  Just as with regular radio shows, these podcasts have themes and regular hosts.  They don't have to be funny, but why would you listed to a podcast if it wasn't entertaining?

My favorite podcast these days is hosted by Joy The Baker.  And even though it's called the Joy The Baker podcast, Joy is actually having a discussion with Tracy from the Shutterbean blog.  They talk about everything that you care about, everything that you don't care about, and sometimes they even talk about food.  They have the most hilarious commentary ever and it's totally worth listening to every week.

What does this have to do with infusing vodka? I'll tell you.  In one of these podcasts, Tracy mentioned that she likes to infuse strawberries into vodka.  I'm not mad at her. I love this idea and ran out to purchase mason jars to do the exact same thing myself.

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