No-Churn Cookie Ice Cream



I don't think I've ever had this problem before.  I'm talking about the problem where I don't eat ALL the Girl Scout cookies 3.5 days after receiving them.  It's truly unheard of.  However, that's what has happened and I'm not proud of it.

Since cookies do have an expiration date, I decided that I needed to use these up somehow.  Coincidentally, I was also knee-deep in sweetened condensed milk.  And by knee-deep, I mean I had two cans in the pantry.  Seeing as I hardly ever use this type of milk, I consider this to be a complete horde at my fingertips.  This calls for no-churn ice cream!

We are in the final throes of summer so we better make all the ice cream that we can get.  Fall is my favorite season of life, but I do want to savor the heat for another few minutes, thank you very much.  As mentioned above, I used Girl Scout cookies in my ice cream (Tagalongs, what!) but obviously you can use whatever you have available.  Do the happy ice cream dance!

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Coffee Ice Cream Bread



Have you guys heard of this thing called a 2-ingredient ice cream bread?  This was a completely new-to-me recipe that my coworker in London introduced me to.  Basically my coworkers and I talk a lot about food.  This is the foundation of our friendship.  And we talk a lot about work too, but that is not what this blog post is about.

I was immediately intrigued by the idea and set about making this bread.  I detest vanilla ice cream unless it has mix-ins or is covered in chocolate/caramel/booze/etc.  So, being the caffeine freak that I am, I snatched up some coffee ice cream while I was stocking up on movie theater popcorn in Trader Joe's.  That popcorn is my new "thing".  A TJ's cashier once wondered aloud why I needed 4 large bags of popcorn.  I told him this was my weekly supply.  Let's cool it on the judgement.  But once again, that's not what this blog post is about!

My mind is still processing how this recipe works, but at a basic level, all the required ingredients for baking a bread-type food item are present so why shouldn't this work out?  I am convinced the hardest part of making this bread is waiting for the ice cream to melt.  It's torture!  I actually left the ice cream out for a few hours the evening before I made this, and then just popped it in the refrigerator until I needed it the next morning.  I also spotted a recommendation to add mix-ins to the bread.  As mentioned, I love a good mix-in, so I couldn't resist tossing in some milk and white chocolate chips as well.

How did it taste?  OK, to be honest, it's not going to be the best bread you've ever made, mostly because we're not using fresh ingredients.  Ice cream from the grocery store can only be so "fresh".  But was it edible?  Yes.  Was it tasty?  Yes.  I think it's worth giving it a shot.  I'm not sure I'd make it again myself because I know I can make a tastier bread from scratch.  But if you are looking for a flavorful shortcut, then this is a good bet!

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Berry Beer Jalapeno Popsicles



Let's not let go of summer just yet!  We have approximately 30 minutes left in the season to play with fruits and beer.   These are important tasks.

Something of equal importance is the task that I am presently undertaking: sitting on a beach in the Bahamas just in time to celebrate my birthday (aka "birfday" because it makes me laugh whenever I say it out loud).  It would have been nice to bring some of these treats with me, but alas, they're not made to withstand this weather.  I'd better order another another pina colada to cheer myself up...

I admit that I was initially skeptical about putting a WHOLE jalapeno in these popsicles.  The thought of eating a fiery hot popsicle is not exactly my version of fun.  But in the end, I trusted the process and popped that sucker in there.  What resulted was a wonderful blend of sweet fruit along with a mild undercurrent of spiciness.  I admit that I was quite impressed.

Can we talk about how beer is involved in this concoction as well?  Ridiculous!  Since I was already playing with summer fruit and adding in a jalapeno, I figured why not do it up right and pair things up with a slightly spicy Old Bay beer.  I mean, how could you not?  You can't.

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No-Churn Salted Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


I think Pandora's box has been opened and it can't be closed.  I simply can't un-know how to make this ice cream at home!  Now this is a problem because it means I have way to much ice cream in my apartment right now, and being that it's pretty hot outside, I'm craving exactly all of it.  It's probably poor form to eat everything in one sitting. Right? ...

I'm not really a vanilla ice cream kind of gal, so when I decided to make this ice cream, I knew I would need some mix-ins.  After some thought, I decided to go with a salty-sweet theme because how can you ever go wrong with that?  I had kosher salt and chocolate chips on hand and I thought those went perfectly well with the creamy base.  And oh, did I forgot to mention that this ice cream base is made with ONLY 2 ingredients?  TWO!  I die.

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