Cranberry-Almond Chocolate Biscotti

I want to let you guys in on a little somethin' somethin'.  I'm moving.

No, this blog isn't moving.  (At least not yet.  I actually do want to make it snazzier but that's not happening for a bit. Sorry!) I'm physically moving my junk from one apartment in Hoboken to another apartment in Hoboken.  I've been living in the same spot since I started this blog a few years ago, so this is an exciting, yet nerve-wracking, time for me.  I have a few blog posts lined up for the next couple weeks, so you most likely won't even realized I've been busy packing, unpacking, assembling furniture and decorating and the likes (crossing my fingers!).

However, you'll probably see a difference in the pictures that I start taking in a few weeks.  Will it be a good or a bad difference? Uh, that remains to be seen.  I actually previewed the new place at night-time, so I'm not certain of that situation just yet.  I'm hoping hoping hoping that I still have a good source of natural light.  If I don't, it will probably take me a few posts to figure out how to fix that....so what I'm saying is that I'm possibly gonna need some slack here.  No judgements, right?  Fab.

Oh hey, and I also have this biscotti recipe for you.  In the spirit of cleaning things out of the kitchen, I found some dried cranberries in the cupboard and slivered almonds in the freezer.  I've been going through a huge carb-craving phase lately, so I was inspired to adapt Katie's cherry-hazelnut biscotti recipe based on the ingredients I had on hand.

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Almond Crescent Cookies

Ladies and gents, we are now 7 (seven!) days into 2013.  Are you tired of trying to workout like a maniac?  I am.  But that's probably because I can't workout.  Last week I got this little foot surgery thing done.  So yeah, I've been (mostly) laid up on the couch/bed waiting for my bones to heal so I can do some back flips or something just as cool.

Whether or not you're restricted as I am, I have cookies.  I have almond crescent cookies for you whether or not you just made a resolution yesterday to stop eating cookies.  These are good and these are worth "tweaking" your resolutions.  Maybe you can have 3 cookies instead of none.  More is always better.  Always.  Unless it's something foul-tasting.  And these cookies will never be called that.

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Compost Cookies

One of my favorite food bloggers happens to be Julia from Fat Girl in a Skinny Body.  I like the way she thinks when it comes to food.  And I especially like the way she thinks when it comes to dessert.  Have you seen my recreation of her goat cheese frozen yogurt yet?  If not, you should taken a second to look that up.

A more recent find on Julia's site was her recipe for Compost Pretzel Cookies.  I was particularly excited to find these cookies because I happened to have chocolate chips and pretzels in my pantry, just waiting to be used.  What I also had was a bag of marshmallows that I wanted to add to the mix.  We all know how good roasted marshmallows are, so why not?

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Chocolate Hazelnut Drop Cookies

I know why cookies were invented.  They were invented to help one cope with work deadlines and similar highly stressful situations.  They were invented to bring a calm over the eater.  And they were most definitely invented to ensure that I am not the next subject of that "Snapped" television series.  These are my reasons for baking these cookies.

I've had a very difficult week and the thing that got me through it was these cookies. Let's just say that I have a bottle of nutella in my pantry and I'm not afraid to use it.  Giada's recipe is simple, straightforward and filled with butter. This is how I want to live my life.

These are not your ordinary cookies. They will not be chewy or cake-y. They will be light and crispy and that's OK. Don't be afraid to add extra chocolate chips into the batter to ensure extra chocolate chip-y goodness. You won't be disappointed. In fact, I would recommend bringing a half cup of chocolate chips to the party (aka the batter) next time. We all need to take a walk on the wild side sometimes.

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Spekuloos Cookies

Who doesn't love some gingerbread? It's getting closer to the holidays now and even though Christmas decorations are popping up like wildfire, I'm trying to take it slow.  I want to ease into the holiday season.  

Just let me have this moment and a spekuloos cookie, please.

Yes, the spicy spekuloos cookie.  Tastes like gingerbread, ya know.  I like gingerbread.  This works.

And since I had spekuloos laying around (as we ALL should), I threw it in some batter and whipped up a few treats for no reason at all.  I see no problem with this.

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Giant Chocolate Toffee Cookies

Who am I kidding? The real reason I blogged about roasted tomatoes is to make up for this post.

Giant. Chocolate. Toffee. Cookies.

Remember that dance reunion I was talking about a while ago? Well, I also brought these along with me. My favorite comment was that these cookies should be called "brookies" because they seem to be a cross between brownies and cookies. I thought that was innovative. And quite true since the cookies did have a dense, brownie-like consistency.

And chocolate. Lots of melted chocolate was harmed in the making of these brownies. And here comes the kicker. Heath bar toffee pieces. Can you believe that? I need a moment.

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Spritz Cookies

**Happy New Year**

Did I fool you with my last post? Did you think that my holiday spirit was over?

Well, not just yet.

A coworker brought Spritz Blossom Cookies to work a few weeks ago. I had never had them before but I decided to try them because I was hungry. (I'm always hungry at work. It's probably due to procrastination.) They were to die for! Think almonds, vanilla, and butter all rolled up into a bite-sized cookie. Heaven.

Now I'm not usually a cookie person. In fact, I haven't made cookies since I've started this blog! But I knew these cookies would have to be made and it would need to happen soon.

I finally got my chance in the form of Boxing Day. In the Bahamas, we celebrate Boxing Day every year on December 26th. It's a holiday that we continue to carry on from our days as a British colony. (We're an independent country now.) This year, my family gathered at our house and I took the opportunity to recreate some magic!

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