Avocado Salad with Bacon & Feta

Guys.  The day that I thought would never come, actually came last week.

I ate too much bacon.

Once you recover from the shock of that statement, let me tell you that it was my own fault.  I somehow thought that I could eat a package of super-thick bacon (yes, that's a thing now) and still feel good about myself an hour later.  Quite unfortunately, I have over-estimated my tolerance for that.

Thankfully, I had this salad the day before I ate too much bacon, so I can still give you an honest assessment of my thoughts on this.  And to be truthful, if there were no bacon on this salad, I would not have loved it as much.  There is no just nothing else that would complement the creamy avocado and tangy lemon dressing as well as a slice of crunchy bacon can.

The good news is that now I'm over my bacon overdose, so I'm back in action.  I will be having a few more of these easy and tasty salads in the near future and I will not be thinking twice about it.

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Watermelon & Mint Salad

The title of this post is way less interesting than originally intended.  You see, I picked up a few items at the grocery store the other day and this stash just so happened to include watermelon and an avocado.  The thought never entered my mind to combine them together.  I'm typically a salted-avocado slice kind of gal.  However, I then saw this post which combines watermelon and avocado into a salad! Since I already had most of the ingredients at hand I figured I'd throw this together to see what it was all about.

Let's segway to that moment when I slice open my avocado and there's a black ring throughout the entire fruit... You know that avocado got the stink side-eye.  But I pulled up my big girl pants and decided to simply leave the avocado out of this equation.  Problem solved in three seconds flat.  The recipe is pretty free-form, so I grabbed the ingredients I did have and got to work.

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Farro Salad

I never thought I'd be one of those grain-loving hippies.  But here we are.  Eating farro salad on the real.  I should also tell you that I never envisioned myself eating a cold salad (as in a salad that was once warm and is now cold).  But let me tell you that this salad is excellent either cold, room temperature, or warm.  It's amazing how versatile this dish is.

In case you've never heard of farro, here's the quick low-down.  Farro is a grain that has quite a nutty flavor.  If you want to make things really simple, one could say that farro is very similar to brown rice.  Before this recipe, I had never tried farro before, although I saw numerous favorable reviews of it on the food blogs that I follow.

When Shutterbean originally made this salad, I was finally sure I needed to recreate it myself.  I think I was "wooed" by Tracy's description of Giardiniera-like ingredients and the addition of feta cheese.  I have a newfound obsession* with Giardiniera and we all know how I feel about cheese.  Yes, I would be making this dish.  Just watch me!

* I am quite aware that I have a new obsession every other week.  Let's not be judgmental in these parts.  Thanks.

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Asparagus, Tomato & Basil Couscous

About this gorgeous weather that we've started having...Thank you.  I am completely on board with Mother Nature doing a 180 and finally realizing what time of year it is.  And this "change of heart" is perfectly timed with the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.

Since spring is finally springing, I guess I should stop showing you recipes with chocolate, huh? (The correct answer is: No.) Never, ever fear.  There is chocolate in the quite immediate future, but for now, we will have fresh vegetables, mixed with some couscous and cheese.  Who can hate on that?

This quick and easy dish came to me from one of my favorite blogs, Shutterbean.  Tracy never fails to find just the right thing to make at the right time.  When I saw this post last week, I knew I had to get the ingredients and make it.  Here's a note, though.  I had very few of the ingredients already, but once I subbed out a few items, it turned out that all I needed was some asparagus.

Me - 1, Dead zone where my perishable food goes to curl up and die - 0.

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Egg Salad Sandwich with Avocado

Remember when I said I had something "egg-y" for you?  Nope.  I didn't forget about it.  I just wanted to show you a good taco pasta time before cinco de mayo.  Cause you never know when taco pasta needs to happen.  Most likely it needs to happen sometime around a Mexican-themed holiday which is not really a Mexican holiday.  Think about it.

So now that I have your attention, let's talk about a breakfast/lunch/dinner sandwich situation that I think you should get into.  I'm usually not one to eat many eggs if they're not in a cookie or a cake.  I have been known to enjoy an omelet but usually only if someone else makes it for me.  If I have to make breakfast, then we're probably looking at a mug of coffee and maybe an avocado toast if I'm feeling fancy.

The other day, I figured I'd go out on a limb and try to expand my egg repertoire.  You have one of those too, right?  An egg repertoire.  I mean, who doesn't?  Let's expand together.  I present to you, an egg salad sandwich.  Oh, and make sure to throw some avocado on there for good measure.  All the cool kids are doing it nowadays.

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Brussels Sprouts Salad

Listen.  You don't even want to know what's going down over here.  There are nachos, chicken fingers, fries, sweet potato fries (which are stupid good), pie, mac and cheese, s'mores, and donuts that have been ingested by myself in the past week.  I mean, this is not right.  Oh, and let's not forget the massive quantities of wine and beer that I have also downed.  Did I tell you that, to help pass my time on disability, I joined my favorite bar's Beer Club?  Don't get me started on the damage that little action has done to my insides.

I know that I am totally to blame for this and I have already apologized to myself.  I've also been trying to make things up by eating more salad.  My go-to salad is a random mix of salad greens, mushrooms, caramelized onions, avocado, and mozzarella cheese, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  My second favorite salad is from my bar, which is a fantastic chopped salad topped with grilled salmon.  I order this while putting in work to drink all 250 beers in the Beer Club.  What was I thinking?

In  order to keep things interesting in the salad arena, I figured I should test out a new salad recipe.  I've been trying to get into brussels sprouts lately and since this recipe got great reviews from a few bloggers, I wanted to try it out too.  Monkey see, monkey do!

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Sweet & Spicy Chicken Salad

Did you already know about the wonders of a rotisserie chicken?  Seriously, I only made this discovery this week!  I'm back on my high protein diet, but was feeling lazy, so what did I do?  I grabbed myself a whole chicken that somebody else roasted.  It was tender and juicy and I didn't to do a dang thing other than pick it up and pay for it.

But then I encountered a problem.  There's really only so much rotisserie chicken that one can eat just so.  After a few rounds, I was feeling the need to switch things up.  So I took this opportunity to create a recipe that I've had my eye on for a while.  This sweet and spicy chicken salad is actually an adaptation of the recipe I was really going for.  That's ok.  When you're at home on a holiday weekend, the last thing you want to do is run back to the grocery store for extra provisions.  Improvisation is your friend.  And yes, things worked out splendidly.

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Roasted Beet Salad With Feta & Arugula

Just so you know, I have a humongous, stupidly long list of recipes that I want to make one day.  They happen to be saved in my browser's Bookmarks section, separated by categories and in order of my desire to make said recipes.  They also happen to be residing within the food magazines that I receive regularly and store in the corner of my bedroom.  It is also possible that I have a binder with categorized recipes that have been ripped out of other food magazines.

With this veritable derth of recipes at my fingertips (I'm feeling very verbose at the moment), why why why would I choose to make something that I don't already have a recipe for?  These are the questions one must ask oneself.  This is just crazy, folks.

Last week, as I was driving back to Hoboken from my client's office in Pennsylvania, I began to think about beets.  Specifically, roasted beets in a salad.  With this image in mind, I hit up the local farmer's market and was able to snag a bunch of red beets and another bunch of golden beets. The first step of this game plan was to roast these beets.  That took place here.

I also got carried away and grabbed some arugula, corn, and basil at the market.  These are perfect fixings to create a sweet, savory, and healthy salad.  Note that this salad is more of an "assemblage" deal.  I'm sort of liking that. It allows me to start eating sooner!

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Corn, Asparagus & Green Bean Salad

Maybe you've figured this out by now.  If not, I'm about to tell you:  I have begun an obsession with vegetables.  This means that you can expect to see a few veggie-related dishes on this blog in the near future. Just a heads-up.

Corn.  Let's talk about it.  There's nothing like a fresh ear of corn.  Or, in my case, fresh corn kernels.  I have an aversion to eating corn on the cob, even though I become obsessed with fresh corn kernels all summer long.  I have this burning desire to put corn in everything.  The end of corn season is a sad sad time in my kitchen.  (Although that means that Fall is right around the corner and that's my hands-down favorite season!)

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Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad

Who the heck am I to tell you how to make a Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad?

I mean, it's pretty self explanatory, right?  Well, the goal of this blog isn't solely to provide you with new recipes and recipe ideas.  It's also to remind you of simple, tried-and-true recipes that you may not always think about.  With all the fancy food being slung around the food blogger-sphere these days, sometimes you just need to take a step back.

Also, (and this is full-disclosure) it's summer.  Let's be real.  At times I'd rather be out with friends enjoying this great weather instead of inside cooking.  This is just a fact of summertime life.  I still love you.  That is truth. I love you enough to give you this simple Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad to cool you down this July.  

...See what I'm doing here?

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