Livin' The Life 7/23/2014

Hey hey!  Guess what!  I'm actually living up to my promise and bringing you more of these LTL posts!  Who knew I would actually deliver on this!  Ohhh, I'm using all the exclamation points!

Who knew Eataly had a Nutella bar and didn't tell me?  Oh em gee!!  My friend Kat and I each got late night Nutella crepes.  To die for!  I don't have pictures because I ate everything too fast.

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Livin' The Life 6/21/2014

I know that I've been super bad about posting for the "Livin' The Life" series.  I also know that every few months I make a mention of just how bad I've been at this.  So my brand spanking new commitment is that I'm going to try to do these once a month.  Maybe if I have some sort of a schedule I'll actually stick to it?  What a novel concept!

I took a road trip out to Pittsburgh for my 10 year college reunion.  There are tons of farms along the side of the road, but there's also this.

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Livin' The Life 2/20/2014

It's been way too long since I've shared "real life" photos on this blog.  I'm really trying to be better at this.  I swear I am.  So without further ado...here ya go!

I'm really having a moment with spiked coffees lately.  The severity of this winter probably has something to do with it.  See pic below...

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Livin' the Life: 4/25/2013

Remember when I started this little series called Livin' the Life?  Well, as you can tell, I may have dropped the ball on this little gem.  Actually, I didn't drop the ball, I threw it out of the park if you want to know the truth.

After a short search, I searched and realized the last time I wrote one of these posts was end of October 2012.  You know, approximately 6 months ago.  Like, pre-Sandy.  That just won't do.  Let's fix this and fix this good.  I have tons of new photos for ya, so here it go!

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