Livin' The Life 10/26/2014

I'm going to warn you, this month it looks as if all I did was eat.  If you're hungry, this may not be the post for you at this time.

I had my way with all the pumpkin things at Trader Joe's.  I'm not sorry.

I went to Florida!  I was happy to sit on a beach once again.  For someone who is a self-proclaimed beach hater, I've actually been on the beach several times this year.

We stayed at the Marriott BeachPlace Towers and the room was like a suite! We had a full kitchen, a dining room table that seats 6, a living room and a balcony.  Ballers.  (Not really, though)

Dinner at Himmarshee Public House in Ft. Lauderdale included these delicious lobster nachos.  Seriously tasty!

While I was down there, I also visited my old roommate at her new condo in Palm Beach.  It was a beautiful night.

I really wanted this Eiffel Tower, but since I don't have enough empty space in my apartment for it (and since it costs almost $2,000 dollars!!!!) I let that dream go.

I went to see Gone Girl with my friend and we stopped at a cute Wine Bar after for a glass of vino.

Another gorgeous fall day in NYC! Don't know what this building is but I love the way the sun hits the angles.

My friend and I found a place named Bar Bacon.  I had the Bar Bacon Grilled Cheese with a side of seasoned french fries.

I agree with this motto.

Went to another Citizen Cope show.  He's just checking up on us to make sure we're doing OK :)

I really liked the table and the place setting, so I took a picture of it.

Dinner at Blue Ribbon near Columbus Circle.  If you've been reading these LTL posts for a while, you know that I have an obsession with their fried chicken.  I hadn't been to this location before and was initially wary of their "Asian twist" to the fried chicken.  It turns out that really the only difference is that the meal comes with white or brown rice and wasabi-infused honey.  The fried chicken was on point.  Yaaaaaasssss.

Finishing dinner at 11:30pm means that you still have time to run over to Big Gay ice cream before they close at midnight!

I had the Salty Globs, which is vanilla softserve ice cream covered in salt and pretzels and then dipped in chocolate.  It was amazing!

This bacon was destined for something epic.  Blog post coming soon!