Florida Trip 2014

How have I NOT create a Travel post in 2014 yet?

Oh wait, I haven't traveled much this year.  I did go to Grand Cayman in March, but that was for my friend's wedding and I didn't get my act together enough after that trip to create a travel blog post about it.  I guess that means I have to go back?...

Enough chatter.  I have a ton of pictures to show you guys today.  I went to Florida in early October (so this post is a little late.  Oops!) and I visited two friends down there in Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach for a stellar weekend of warm weather and lots o' food and drinks.  I didn't have too many set plans so please enjoy this collection of randomness!  Here it go!


The minute I got to Ft. Lauderdale, I met up with my friend Katie and we hit up a restaurant so we could get booze and food.  And this view!  First glimpses of the beach!

We ate at LuLu's, which was pretty decent.  To be honest, I don't' even remember for certain what I ate because I just devoured it.  I think I had a bacon and blue cheese burger?  Whatever it was, it was good!

Our hotel room for the night was at the Marriott BeachPlace Towers. Holy crap! This villa is the same size as my actual apartment in Hoboken.  We had a full kitchen, a dining room with a table that seats 6, a pantry/laundry closet with washer and dryer (What!! I don't even have that in my own apartment!), a balcony, and a doorbell.  Shut up.  I needto move in right away. Neeeeed.

The view from our balcony toward the Intercoastal Waterway.

Housekeeping left a turtle for us!

After ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the room, we grabbed a beverage and headed down to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

We were able to sneak about an hour or two down on the beach before the rain came over to welcome me to Ft. Lauderdale.  Rain and sunshine at the same time.  Tropical weather like whoa.

We were heading to a show that night downtown so we checked out the scene beforehand.  I was intrigued by these figures outside the Irish bar.

Katie and I ended up at Himmarshee Public House and these Lobster Nachos.  I'm speechless about them.  They're that good.

Quick story about this sandwich: Katie got a chicken sandwich at dinner but could only eat half.  So of course we asked our server to save the other half for after the show.  But then my old roommate showed up while we were waiting in line to enter the music venue and since she hadn't eaten dinner yet we sent her back to this place to eat the other half of the sandwich.  Random much?  Obviously.

I got tacos.  Yum!

A cycle party quadracycle parked next to our table outside.  This thing can hold up to 15 people and in some places you can even drink while pedaling.  (You're not fully operating the cycle.  There is a driver who is certified and sober.)  This is a pretty interesting idea.  I'd love to try it but I'm pretty sure this won't fly in NYC.

Soooo ready for the show to start!

That night, we discovered that the "painting" over the bed in the hotel actually lit up!a  What?! I tried to sleep with this on because I thought it was super cool but I lasted for about 5 minutes before I had to shut it off.

The next day I drove up to Palm Beach to spend some time with my old roommate.  This is the view from her new condo! Love it!

OK, just one more sunset view from my guest room in the penthouse!  You know...the flossy flossy!

Ready for a night out!

We walked over to City Place to check out the scene.

Say "Yes!" to my awkward pose in front of a sign!

I don't even know...

Dinner at Mojito!

Clearly I need this pina colada.  I mean, look at my smile.

And this platter.  Why am I hungry again all of a sudden?


Did we surprise you?  I bet we did.

Time for drinks at another restaurant nearby.   I love this sign.  Truth!

This band was jammin' some 90's tunes behind the bar.  I love the way this venue was set up.  I've never seen anything like this before.

In the courtyard, there was another live band playing music.

Trying to get my roommate kicked out of her new condo, but not really.

Mornings should start with breakfast and then pool time.