Livin' The Life 12/27/2014

Happy Holidays everyone!

I'm back with another installment of Livin' The Life. I didn't actually forget to post my LTL last month, but I realized that I had a pretty boring November and you probably didn't want to look at endless photos of scenery (which I included in here anyhow!).  I'm looking forward to a new year and new things.  Hope you are as well!

Beautiful sunset seen right as I walked out of my apartment!

I took a day trip down to Baltimore via train in early November.  The trees were still colorful and so gorgeous!

The next day I went to the Jets-Steelers game in New Jersey.  I was so proud of all my Steeler fans who showed up, even though I wasn't surprised that we basically outnumbered the Jets.  However, I was surprised that we lost that game pretty badly.  Ugh.

Sunset while on another train ride home from the game.

Sometimes you get off at the wrong subway stop...

...but still end up at a beautiful place.

These. mugs.  Every year I purchase the red Starbucks Christmas mug, but this year I also had to pick up the red-and-black plaid mug as well.  I have a real obsession with plaid (aka tartan) and mugs, so when you put them both together, I'm seriously done.

I went to Columbia for a lecture on the planets.  Afterward, we went to the roof to look at stars and planets through the telescopes.

I ate these truffle fries like a boss.

I went to my friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Her mom made this amazing pumpkin cheesecake!

I have another obsession with herringbone.  I really wanted to purchase this planner solely because of the pattern on the cover.  But I knew I wouldn't use a planner, so I couldn't justify it :(

At my office's holiday party, one of the men at the restaurant pulled out bagpipes and started playing holiday songs.  I went to a college that offered a bagpipe degree and I remember hearing bagpipes playing across campus for no dang reason.

You guys! I went to the Meow Parlour for the first time in December!  It was for a networking event for the Women Who Brunch group.  I had the best time, even though I paid for it in allergy attacks for the next 2 days.  All the kitty snuggles!!!

The fog was so surreal this morning!

Beautiful fall/winter sunset colors spotted while taking a brief break from work.

The holidays are here!

The Union Square Holiday Markets.  I always forget about this!  Shame on me!

Look closely.  The mannequin is covered in a foil dress!

I went back to the Bahamas for the holidays and stopped in Charlotte, my favorite layover spot for one reason only...Bojangles.  I'll have you know that I was soooo good and didn't get anything.  Now is that a win or a fail?

Filling out forms on the plane

My grandmother's ceramic Christmas tree which is probably as old as I am.  My mom has it now.  Memories!

My 5-year-old nephew was obsessed with the Carnival.  This was the only ride I wanted to go on, though I did end up indulging in a little Tilt-A-Whirl.

This photo looks like I really tried hard to take a great shot.  In reality, I was sitting in the car in the supermarket parking lot waiting on my sister.  I just happened to look up from what I was doing and captured this photo.  Spontaneous and I'm loving it!