Livin' The Life 6/21/2014

I know that I've been super bad about posting for the "Livin' The Life" series.  I also know that every few months I make a mention of just how bad I've been at this.  So my brand spanking new commitment is that I'm going to try to do these once a month.  Maybe if I have some sort of a schedule I'll actually stick to it?  What a novel concept!

I took a road trip out to Pittsburgh for my 10 year college reunion.  There are tons of farms along the side of the road, but there's also this.

I take too many pictures while driving in my car.  I know that.

My first drink in the 'burg was with my old roommate in the The "O".  Yes, the dirty "O" aka The Original Hot Dog Shop.

The football field on campus.  I went to a pretty geeky school so I was not surprised when we ran into a guy dressed as a robot 5 minutes later.

My favorite machine in college!  I mixed this with some strongly brewed coffee and that was 50% of my diet for 4 years.

One of the new buildings that went up after we left.  This one is for computer science majors.  We got to play with a Scrabble-playing robot.  My friends and I literally waited 30 minutes for a tour to leave the area so we could play with the robot.

Building a booth is one of the traditions at the Spring Carnival.  These things get to be an impressive size!  So much time and energy go into these.

Another tradition is called Buggy.  At the very heart of it all, it's a relay race where the "pushers" push the buggy uphill and then it freefalls downhill.  There are more pushers at the bottom of the hill to bring it on home to the Finish Line.  Oh, and there's a "driver" (aka a small girl) inside steering the buggy around the downhill twists and turns.  The buggy can get up to 40mph, so this can be pretty dangerous.  The truck behind this team is there to make sure the drivers and pushers make it through the course safely.

After all that work watching other people do work, we had to take a Mad Mex Big Azz Margarita break.  It was well deserved.

We stayed in a hotel next to the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus.  So beautiful.  I miss Pittsburgh!

I got my green card earlier this year and one of my besties gifted me Star-Spangled Banner-themed cake pops!

My aunt and cousin came to visit NYC.  They and my sister came over to Hoboken for dinner.  We walked along the waterfront and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset view of the Manhattan skyline.

I tried to go to the NYC Cat Cafe.  But the line looked  like this.  The wait was about 4 hours so my friends and I went and ate fro yo instead.

Blossoms in Central Park.  The leaves have replaced them now but I love when the blooms come out to play.  My allergies may not agree with that statement.

My sister and I went to see La Soiree while it was in NYC.  It's a mixture of cabaret, burlesque, and circus show.

I had to.  I'm not sorry.

More Central Park photos.  I walk through the park to get to my Train P3 workouts every Saturday, so get used to these photos!

We've been working out near the water and we always see people rowing on the lake.

I went to my first food blogger conference, Techmunch NYC!  I had a great time, met a bunch of creative and inspiring people, learned a ton, and ate croissants.  That's how you do it.

I spent all last week in Milwaukee for work.  I stayed in an old school building that's been converted into a Hilton.  This is the view from right outside my room's door.

This was hands-down my favorite meal while in Milwaukee.  AJ Bombers serves up a Barrie burger with bacon, cheese, and chunky peanut butter, of course.  It was excellent.

One of my good friends had a baby shower last week.  Her friend hosted the shower at her apartment and also made this cake!! This looks so professional!