Pier 13 in Hoboken: A Review

Lately, all I've wanted to do is hang out outside.  This is a new me.  I have no idea where she has come from, but I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the impressively foul winter we recently experienced.  So when I heard about Pier 13, which is an outdoor food truck and beergarden experience in uptown Hoboken, I knew I needed to try it out.

In all honesty, I believe that this food truck/drinking event began last year, but I'm sometimes a hermit and don't like leaving my apartment to walk 15 blocks to get to the pier.  But that was the old me.  This year, I twisted the arms of some of my friends in Harlem and Brooklyn and they brought their dogs over to Hoboken so we could sit outside and do what we know we do best: eat and drink.

Now.  Let's get down to business.

I did some research beforehand, so even before arriving at the pier, I already knew what I was going to eat: a Luke's lobster roll.  The answer is always a Luke's lobster roll.  I've talked about Luke's before here.  I haven't been diligent about going to the store lately or seeking out the lobster truck, so I was really excited to get a chance to have this for the first time in a while!

If you ask really nicely they will put extra seasonings on the roll for you.  These seasonings.  I'm dying over here!

If you're not into lobster (areyouserious!?!?), you can instead choose to munch on a crab or shrimp roll.

If you're looking for some latin food loving, Pier 13 has got you covered too.

The Taco Truck is here for you.  The Taco Truck has a storefront in downtown Hoboken, but they actually started out as a food truck driving around the area and serving excellent tacos.  I've also heard several people rave about their agua frescas.

My friend Anjelica purchased a Pollo Asado Torta from the Taco Truck.  I tasted it and it was freaking amazing.  If I wasn't already eating my lobster roll, I probably would have purchased this as well.  I'm definitely getting it the next time I'm there.

If tacos and tortas aren't your thing, then maybe Empanadas are.  The Empanada Guy is here to help you out with that.  I have no problem taking down fried food on a hot day and thank goodness for that because these empanadas are exactly what we need in our lives.

If there just have not been enough carbs floating around for you, perhaps you would like to try a pizza from a truck containing a real wood fired oven.  The pizza from Pizza Vita looks totally delicious (even though I did not have any).  On a side note, I am questioning how they got that fire to exist inside a truck.  Is this legal?  Do I need to call someone over here?

Now on to the good stuff: Beverages!

Once you purchase your delicious food, there is a closed off area in which you can also purchase your favorite beer, wine, cocktail and/or champs in a can.  I chose to go with a fruity beer because that was what I wanted.  I live for watermelon beer.  (Totally not true, but it is quite tasty.)

You may also wish to purchase a bottle of white peach sangria, if you're feeling so inclined.

I stuck with beer since I can drink that pretty slowly, thus not getting wasted so quickly in the heat.  If you give me something sweet and delicious to drink outside, I'll be passed out before I even know what's going on.  Fact: That's not attractive.

If the drinks aren't sweet enough for you, you could also choose to pick up a treat from Amanda's Bananas.  Amanda's serves up healthy, dairy- and gluten-free "frozen yogurt".  I put frozen yogurt in quotes because really it's just frozen blended bananas that end up having the same texture as fro yo.

My friend Sandra got an Almond Joy flavored soft serve.  I didn't get a picture because I was drinking beer.  Sorry!  Here's a picture of the Amanda's Bananas sandwich board and two puppies instead.

So there you have it.  If you're in the NYC/Hoboken area, I encourage you to come out and enjoy the offerings at Pier 13.  You can find something for everyone to eat out here.  If you don't want to eat, you can choose to sip on a few cocktails outdoors.  Doesn't everything seem better outdoors?  And this view.  I can't even tell you how incredible it is.

So.  What are you waiting for?