Livin' The Life 7/23/2014

Hey hey!  Guess what!  I'm actually living up to my promise and bringing you more of these LTL posts!  Who knew I would actually deliver on this!  Ohhh, I'm using all the exclamation points!

Who knew Eataly had a Nutella bar and didn't tell me?  Oh em gee!!  My friend Kat and I each got late night Nutella crepes.  To die for!  I don't have pictures because I ate everything too fast.

Happy 4th of July from NYC and the Empire State Building!

Rooftop sunset party with friends, cell phones, and big hair!

Early Saturday morning workout with TrainP3 in Central Park

Tested out a recipe my friend developed for baked Asian fries.

I finally got to go to Bojangles again!  This location is in the Charlotte, NC airport and I try to stop there whenever I'm passing through for a layover.  The cajun fries are crazy delicious!

While I was in between jobs, I finally took a trip home the Bahamas for a short getaway!  In the airport parking lot, we discovered a bunch of cocoplum trees.  There are black and white versions of the plums.  Also, sometimes a pinkish one shows up.  We're so fancy, we put them in a plastic bag.

We went to one of the Junkanoo Summer festival events while I was home.  Junkanoo typically happens on Christmas morning and New Year's Day morning.  This summer, the Ministry of Tourism also organized a few smaller Junkanoo events during July.

My and my nephew's favorite part is when the goat-skin drummers come through!

Beach day!

Cannot get over this cloudage!

Also can't get over the symmetry in this pic.

Sugarapples were in season while I was home.  Deliciousness!

My mom showing off the sugar apples we just picked.

Bougainvillea in full effect!

More clouds.  More beach.

On my way back to New Jersey from the motherland.  I'll be back soon!