Bacon & Beer Classic: NYC 2014

This past weekend, I went to the Bacon & Beer Classic at Citi Field park in Queens, NYC.  This was honestly a dream come true for me.  I love bacon. I love beer.  I love drinking outside.  I'm clearly on board for this type of excursion.

To give a quick overview, the B&BClassic allows restaurants to showcase tastes of their outstanding bacon dishes.  I'm not sure whether all of these dishes are actually on the restaurants' menus or if they were created specifically for this event, but the food was delicious at any rate.  Numerous breweries also came to the event and they gave out 3-ounce samples of their beers.  Most breweries brought two types of beers to the event, but a few brought three types to the party.  I didn't get many pics of the breweries because those tables were super crowded and I was not about to get in the way of hundreds of men and women and their beer samples!

There were two tasting sessions: Brunch and Evening.  I went to the Evening session with my friend Sandra.  The organizers of the event also provided some additional entertainment, such as a dunk tank, life-size Jenga, and cornhole games.  If you liked, you could peruse some bacon-related items that were for sale, such as bacon candy bacon jam.  I ended up purchasing a container of the bacon jam and I do NOT regret it!

OK, without any more chit-chat, let's get rolling with the pictures cause that's what you're really here for, right?

When Sandra and I entered Citi Field Ballpark, we were greeted with the heavenly scent of bacon!  There was also an oversized map showing where the breweries and the restaurants were located, as well as an official B&BClassic 3-ounce ceramic cup (shown above).  I'm not sure a ceramic cup was the right choice for this event, but if you were able to make it through the entire 3 hours without dropping it on the concrete concourse floor, it was a great souvenir!

First up, American Whisky kicked things off for me with Crispy Bourbon Glazed Bacon with Chipotle Aioli.  I ate two of these.  They were that good.

Just nearby, Ribs Within showcased a BLT cup, which is basically self-explanatory.  The bacon, lettuce, and tomato were placed on a crispy tortilla shell.  The bacon still managed to be the center of this taste, even though there were other things going on here.  I definitely got seconds of this one too.  Hey, I was starving!

Around the corner, we ran into was one of the best tastes of the event.  Christo's Steak House threw it down with Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon with Bacon Mac N Cheese Drizzled with Bacon Brown Butter Sauce.  Is that enough bacon for you yet?  Sandra and I tried to get seconds but the line got out of control pretty quickly and we refused to wait half an hour when there was so much more bacon to be consumed.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but I had to include it anyway!

After scarfing down some mac and cheese like it was my job, I was asked to help out with the taste-testing of bacon jams for MetTV.  I don't think a life in television is in my future, but I was happy to taste all of the bacon jams anyway.  Here's a blurry pic to prove it happened!

I forgot to take a picture of Black Tree's Whiskey Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, but it was delicious.  In the past, I haven't enjoyed bacon in my sweet treats, but at this event I discovered that now I do!  I'm quite excited about getting over this hurdle.  So many new foodie doors are opened up for me!

Right next to Black Tree, the Chef One Corp table presented a few types of Asian dumplings.  What really caught our eye though, was the Bacon Wrapped Mini Spring Rolls.  These deep fried goodies were downed in two quick and flavorful bites. 

A few steps away, we ran into Rudy's Pastry Shop.  These Chocolate Covered Bacon Cheesecake Drops were one of the best desserts at the event.  I feel as if I keep saying something like that with every picture, but really, this was amazing.  I had two, of course.  Can you tell there's a pattern here?

Let's take a quick pause to appreciate the sunset over the field from the Concourse.  Gorgeous!

OK.  Bacon.  We're about halfway through this tour now.

John's of Time Square was doling out slices of pizza.  There were two types: Traditional Pizza with Bacon and Vodka Suze Pizza with Bacon.  I ended up getting the Vodka Suze Pizza with Bacon and it was quite tasty.  You gotta show some love for New York pizza!

Taproom No. 307 served up bacon on a stick!  I love it already.  The actual name of this taste is Bacon with Cherry Ale Glaze, Blue Cheese Sauce, and Bacon Breadcrumbs.  Yes.  Just yes.

BLT Bar & Grill came through with bacon ice cream.  Super refreshing!  It also had that element of salty/sweet that I never get tired of.

Here are some B&BClassic-goers engaging in games of Cornhole.

What can I say about these samples from Katch Astoria?  Here we have Bacon Beer Waffles with Beer Ice Cream and Candy Bacon.  I will take this entire tray, please.  Thank you.

Soooo...Certe wrapped some bacon in bacon.  As in, Bacon Wrapped Bacon!  I ate this with the biggest smile on my face.

Swine brought Bacon and Sausage Risotto Balls to the party.  I inhaled this one and could have eaten at least 3 more if I didn't have to stand in line again.

This taste from Lexington Brass was one of my favorites from the entire night!  Here we have a Triple Cut Maple Glazed Bacon with Chimichurri and topped with Powdered Bacon Fat.  You have no idea how delicious this was!  I didn't have seconds of this (shocking!) but I really should have.

Overall, we had quite a successful evening.  In this case, success is defined by all-you-can-eat-bacon and all-you-can-drink-beer.  I had never been to Citi Field before so it was nice to walk around a little bit without the huge crowds that accompany actual baseball games.  The cost of the event was around $60, but I saw a number of coupon codes out there on the internet.  Sandra and I received 25% off through an organization that I'm involved with, Women Who Brunch.  The bacon and beer was all-included in the price of the ticket, just as advertised (thank goodness!).

There was also a VIP option, for an additional fee, which would allow people holding those tickets to go down on the field and gain access to exclusive restaurant tastes and beer samples.  Now, if this event was held at a football stadium, I probably would have sprung for a VIP ticket, but seeing as I'm not a huge baseball fan, I figured I would be fine hanging out with the "regular folks".  I will DEFINITELY be going to this event next year if it's held in NYC again.  I am already counting down the days until next summer!