Livin' The Life 7/28/2014

It's time once again for an LTL post!  I've been pretty good at taking photos this month so there's some fun stuff to share.  Get ready for tons of photos of NYC!  Here we go...

I can't get over these Roasted Lamb Nachos from Cask Bar & Kitchen.  FYI, that is goat cheese fondue on top of those nachos.  I can't deal.

I don't usually post about fails, but these 3-Layer Caramel & Chocolate Marshmallow Bars were a fail [insert sad face here].  I think I know what went wrong, though, so I may try to make them again.

My old roommate came to visit and we went to see "50 Shades: The Musical", which is the musical parody of 50 Shades of Gray.

We also went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The steps in front of the museum is one of my favorite features, so I needed to take a pic.

I shot one of my favorite photos of an old guy smoking a cigarette when I was a senior in high school in 2000.  Does that make me ancient?  (The answer is "No".)

Selfie! I never take these, but I was inspired by my roomie.  Plus, Monet.  Always.

Let's be honest.  The real reason we went to the Met was to hang out on the rooftop and have a few happy hour drinks at the bar up there!  There are gorgeous skyline views!

Me & the roommate!

One more skyline view.  Can't help it!  The sunset views are amazing!

The next afternoon, a few of us met up for brunch.  These crazy kids are trouble when there is bottomless sangria involved.  We love Calle Ocho!

A trip to the Museum of Natural History was in order, as it was right across the street from the brunch place.  This whale was really impressive.  You can see the scale of the whale in comparison to the people in the room.

We also checked out the impressive elephants.  So huge and beautiful!

I had leftover kale from my Sausage & Kale Skillet dish, so I made a variation of my Sauteed Kale.

I had to take a detour last week because there was construction taking place on my usual route from my garage to my apartment.  This is not a bad detour by any means.

Why yes, this is yet another picture of the NYC skyline.  Hung out in Central Park on Sunday with my friend Sandra and her dog.  Sorry for the wine spills.  Oops.

This beautiful Pomeranian really liked us.  Orrrr, the maybe it was the water bowl my friend put out for her dog.  Chanel (yes, that really is her name) took charge of it.

So many people in Sheep Meadow on Sunday!  We camped out in the unofficial dog park area and ate a jar of TJ's corn salsa and a bag of milk chocolate pretzels.  We are adults and we can do what we want!

Evening light.  Taken right before we headed over to hang out with the acro people in Sheep Meadow.  (Forgot to take pics!)  We will attempt to not suck at acro balancing in the near future.  Please wish us luck!