The Brunch Dish: Harry's Italian

Do you recall when I announced a brand new series on this blog, entitled "The Brunch Dish"?

About that...

I've been pretty piss poor about keeping up with this series.  It's not because I haven't been brunching.  I've just been a little lax in taking pictures, which makes blogging about the whole experience a little difficult.  I've also cut back on brunches because I've been increasing the number of workout classes I'm taking.  That is a necessity, since I just purchased a huge tub of dark chocolate covered pretzels that I may or may not be inhaling as I write this.  I just can't stop!

This blog post is for those folks in the NYC area who enjoy tasty and boozy, yet inexpensive brunches.  Recently, I went to Harry's Italian in New York's Financial District with my friend Sandra.  There are a few locations around New York, though only this location and the Battery Park City location offer brunch.  The brunch menu is pretty extensive and diners can purchase anything on it for $18.95, which includes unlimited mimosas, bloody mary's, coffee, or tea for the duration of your meal.

One of the reasons I really like this location (and I haven't been to the other locations so I can't compare this particular feature) is that there is so much space!  Most brunch places in NYC, regardless of how great the food and drinks are, require you to sit almost on top of your neighbors.  While I've become immune to this over the years, I've forgotten how nice it is to have your own personal bubble of space.  Harry's Italian gives you just that, while still making you feel welcome and providing you with great food and drinks.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take an overall picture of the inside of the restaurant.  My fault!  But trust me when I say that the atmosphere inside is warm and homey.

Let's jump in by letting you check out the menu.  Harry's brunch offers a list of frittatas, pizettes, salads, egg paninis, and other favorites, such as Nutella french toast and eggs in purgatory.  I've had the pleasure of eating a few things off this menu and everything I've had has been excellent.  Here's a better view of the menu from their website.

If you desire, you can also order from the regular lunch menu.

Sandra ended up ordering the Nutella french toast and I ordered the Arugula, Prosciutto, and Shaved Parmesan pizette.  We tried to order a side of bacon but they only served pancetta, so we got that instead.

While we waited for our food, we started off with a cup of coffee and glasses of mimosas, because that goes together, right?

When my pizette came out, it looked a lot more like a full-on pizza.  This pizza was overflowing with fresh mozzarella and prosciutto.  It was also scattered with spicy arugula, and Parmesan shavings.  I devoured as much as I could before realizing that I was fighting a losing battle.  There was more than enough left over for another meal later that night.  It was still amazing a few hours later!

Oh, and do you see that pancetta?  It was excellent as well!

Sandra's Nutella french toast came out as well and also looked delicious.  Each slice of french toast was actually sandwiching a thin layer of Nutella.  I was tempted to also get this dish but in the end I settled for a bite of Sandra's.  It was definitely as tasty as it looks here!  We both recommend trying this out too.

In the past, we have had the desserts as well and the tiramisu and the chocolate cake are both winners!  Today, Sandra and I were completely stuffed after the main course so we ordered a final round of mimosas and the check.

If you live in the area, I recommend checking out Harry's Italian for brunch.  It's inexpensive, has unlimited drinks, and a cozy, laid back atmosphere.  This is perfect for an easy weekend morning.