Livin' The Life 10/15/15

Well, hello there LTL!  It's been a hot minute since I did one of these posts.  I'm not going to promise this time that I'm going to do this every month (like I do almost every month I miss posting!).  I'm just going to say that I'll try.  It's been a crazy few months for me so let's just get into it!

For my birthday, I took a trip home to the Bahamas and we stayed at Atlantis for the weekend!

More obligatory photos, but it's soooo prettttty!

Palm trees and ocean.  I miss you.

Can't forget those sunsets, of course!

For my birthday, one of my presents was my own private villa for a few hours where I got a full body scrub and massage.  It was followed by hot tub jacuzzi time complete with breakfast served hot tub-side.  Take me back there!!

Last picture at Atlantis.  I swear!  I just love these Marlins.

Still obsessed with sunsets.  All the colors!

Checking in at the hotel in downtown Philly.

View from my room later that night.

I went to a Pie Party!  I brought a S'mores Pie.  It was made with 7 chocolate bars.  7.  It was epic.

Pie Party!  I need to attend these more often.  This was a portion of the Sweet Pie table!

I played around with roasting sausages and butternut squash.

I got a new job!  I now work in NYC.  I snapped this shot on the way home.  My favorite part may be the girl squatting on the sidewalk.  I have questions...

This is how I eat popcorn when I don't want to get my hands dirty.

WHAT. IS. THIS!??!?!?

I found Dough approximately 3 blocks from where I work.  This is going to be a problem.

Spent time at a biergarten in Harlem.  The breakfast burrito was amazing, even though I ate it at 3pm.

KITTY!  I really want one but I might be allergic.

Check out the size of these beers.  Zwick'l is quite tasty.

Architecture + sunsets.