Taureau: A Review

Hello again!  Wow, I haven't done a review in a while!  Don't fret.  I am back at it! 

Can I tell you how excited I am to talk about Taureau?  If you love fondue and you find yourself in the NYC area, then this bistro is the place for you. 

Taureau, located in SOHO, in New York City, is the brainchild of restauranteur Didier Pawlicki.  Taureau is the only restaurant dedicated to fondue in NYC.  Didier has made sure the guest's entire experience is memorable.  Taureau can be intimate if you desire to take a date here (which would be a super cool date, by the way!) and yet it is also able to hold larger groups if you feel obliged to share this delicious food with a group of family or friends.  Either way, you will feel comfortable and at home.  They serve only dinner and they accept payment in cash, Amex, or bitcoin!

Didier is quite passionate about fondue and offers 3 courses at Taureau: cheese fondue, fondue bourguignonne, and dessert fondue.  Anyone who knows me knows that cheese and chocolate are my favorites of all time.  I especially love melted cheese and chocolate, so I was super excited for those courses.  I had also never before tried fondue bourguignonne and couldn't wait to give it a shot.

Didier is not only the executive chef of Taureau, but he is also the sommelier.  Taureau is not BYOB.  The bar offers an impressive selection of French wines and imported beers.  Wine by the glass is available.  A select number of liquors and spirits are also available for purchase.

So, what do I think?  Let's just say that I am in love with this place!  I had never eaten at a fondue restaurant before so this was a unique experience.  I would definitely recommend checking Taureau out if you love fondue.  For more details, keep reading...


OK, let's get into the food!  You can select fondue pots a la carte, or you can choose a prix fixe menu which allows you to select one pot of cheese, oil/broth, and chocolate per course per 2 persons.  I recommend the prix fixe, but you can "choose your own adventure".

First course - Cheese Fondue

We had 3 pots of cheese: Perigord, Asiago, and Devil's Whiff.  I'll go into a little more detail about the cheeses below.  The cheese course also comes with a side salad and freshly baked croutons which are absolutely delicious to dip into the cheese.   Didier has created original recipes for Taureau and none of these cheese disappointed!  Of the 3, Devil's Whiff was my favorite, but it's not as if any of these were NOT a favorite.  I made sure to put some extensive work into making sure all the cheese in these pots was devoured!

Perigord Cheese -- a blend of 18 months old Parmesan cheese, American cheese, with truffle mushroom and truffle oil.  Smooth and delicious!

Devil's Whiff - Pepper jack cheese, red wine, sharp cheddar.  This one was slightly spicy!

Asiago Cheese -- Similar to Swiss cheese fondue, but with a more pungent, sharp, and nutty flavor

Now that we just barely made it through that amazing cheese course, it was time for main course!

Fondue Bourguignonne is a meat fondue where you dip a piece of meat in a cauldron of hot oil or broth to cook it.  The great thing about this option is that you can cook your meat as much or as little as you like!  There are quite a few choices for this course.  You can choose to cook your meat in hot oil (canola, olive, or peanut) or hot broth (vegetable or red wine).  This course also comes with 5 dipping sauces for the meat: Truffle, Aioli, Blue Cheese, Peppercorn, and Dijon.  Your meat choices are as follows: Filet Mignon, Hanger Steak, Pork Tenderloin, and Chicken Breast.

We ordered one pot of canola oil and one pot of red wine broth, along with hangar steak, pork, filet mignon, and chicken.

Second course - Fondue Bourguignonne

Now that I was stuffed, it was time for dessert!  Dessert consisted of two pots of chocolate: milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  We received plates of marshmallows, fruit and cake (banana and white chocolate cake, to be exact!) to dip into the chocolate.  Oh my!  Now, I am typically of the "dark chocolate" camp, but when I tried both out, I was really loving the milk chocolate.  Surprise surprise!  But don't worry, I kept "tasting" the dark chocolate just to make sure.

Third course - Dessert Fondue

The dark chocolate fondue.  I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the milk chocolate because I was too busy eating it!  Oops!

**Disclosure: I was provided this meal free of charge.  However, all opinions are my own!