Livin' The Life 4/7/2015

The LTL posts are back!  I know you missed me.  You don't have to say it...

Dinner and dancing at Talde in Jersey City.  I want these lamps.  Who can make this happen?

I made something spring-y/summer-y for you.  It's a drink and it's coming soon.  Soon-ish.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Sweettart jellybeans for life!

When it was colder earlier this year, I picked up a cat hot water bottle.  Because I'm turning 70 next week.

Devouring Chinese food

This is what I eat when I work.  The junk food is on the other side of my laptop.

Went to a bar called "Bar".  It was nice and dive-y, which is how I like it.  They will let you write almost anything on their walls and ceilings.  True story.

Don't let me loose in Michaels.  I HAD TO HAVE an owl vase. Of course!

I mix Guinness Margaritas in a pot.

My new hotel has a suite with a complete living room. Ballin'.

Revisiting my hobby from last summer, I'm taking photos again of the sunset in my car's side mirror.  This is dangerous.  Do not do it.  And yes, I know my car is dirty. You don't have to tell me.

Saw my buddy Citizen Cope play at City Winery again.  Always a treat!

I'm gonna need 'dis.

I told Raf to look creepy. Nailed it!

Quick snapshot of the sunrise on my way to work.

I was invited to a press dinner at Le Village a few weeks ago and our server had the largest manbun I've ever seen.  After a half bottle of wine, I told him I needed to take a picture.  Not weird.  Totally weird.

Went to see my good friend Seth direct his high school band!

Stalker status: WHY did you bring a 24inch monitor to Whole Foods?

I saw Lauryn Hill in concert!! Been listening to The Score and Miseducation nonstop since!

Why are you changing your boots on the subway?  I don't want to see this.  (And yet, I was so intrigued that I took a pic.  Makes no sense, I know.)

Sunset colors!

Evening stroll on the pier in Hoboken.