Livin' The Life 5/4/15

Where there's a bar and where there's bacon, I'm there.

A friend of mine reminded me to always look up!

I tried to make donuts. They came out looking like muffins. Or maybe cookies. #donutfail

Good evening, Pennsylvania!

I love the symmetry in this shot.

My apartment building's elevator got a facelift. I can dig it.

I took a vacation! I was trying to take a shot of the orchids but my nephew insisted that I take a shot of him too. How is he so big already!

Family vacation at DISNEYWORLD!!  I will never tire of Cinderella's castle.

Rant: While I love Disneyworld, why aren't there healthier options that this?  Don't get me wrong.  I ate that sausage dog with mustard and onions and it was great, but I would have actually ordered something healthier if it was available.

Fire-breathing dragon!

"It's a Small World" is my favorite ride.  I don't care if people hate it.

Peace out, haters.

We made it through the day and caught the fireworks at night.

We also watched the Electrical Parade.  I haven't seen this parade since I was 12ish.  The dragon was a part of it then too.  I wonder if it's the same one!


Made it back to the NYC and discovered that DOUGH now sells their donuts in Whole Foods!  What? Why wasn't there some sort of announcement about this?  I pounced on one of these even though I was eating it in front of my trainer. 

Went to a friend's birthday party at Toshi's.  This band was amazing.  They somehow strung together excerpts of a ton of songs from the 90's and 2000's.  It was epic.

Finding Dory!  Can you spot her doing rapid laps around this 2-story fish tank?  She had some serious speed, making it tough to capture this shot.

The beginning of the Bacon & Beer Festival.  It's about to go down.

This sign was hilarious!

Mmmmm...bacon on a stick!