Livin' The Life 6/23/15

Did you think I forgot about this series?  Gotcha.  I'm back!

Empire Coffee & Tea is one of my favorite local coffee shops in Hoboken.  They sell a nice variety of loose leaf teas, coffee beans, and kitschy trinkets.  The facade is painted green and purple, which clearly makes this a winner.

The view from my dentist.  I have never wanted to go to the dentist so badly.

Purple sunsets are the best

Working from a coffee shop in Chelsea, NYC

Beet quinoa salad from Le Pain Quotidien.  I loved this, but seriously, I spent a fortune on it.  I didn't realize how much it cost until I was at the register and already invested in stuffing all of this in my face.

The BEST wine glass.  Ever.


This savory crepe was everything.  Every-thang.

Morning fog.

I mixed pineapple and vodka to make the best "fruit juice".

My memorial day food situation.

I took my talents to Boston.

It is possible to put pop rocks on the rim of a cocktail.  It makes everything better.

I ran away from this.  That was fun.

Ran into a ton of graduates on campus

Took pics with the fam and some random dude with a bronze shoe

My nephew decorated this cake for my aunt's birthday.  He was definitely into the sprinkles.

Finally made Lemon Bars!

Blurry pic but had to share.  How creepy is this?!!?!?!  My friends and I spotted this blimp over NYC and basically thought we were living the X-Files.

Cheese + Fire = the best lady date ever!

I emerged from the subway at 5th ave and 59th st and discovered this view.  Lovely!