Livin' The Life 8/16/2015

I'm reliving the 90's so hard.

I hung out on my friend's rooftop for July 4th and we were treated to some drumbeats by cast members from Stomp..

The Empire State Building says "Happy Fourth!"

One of my teachers reminded me to do this more often.

These sunsets got me like whoa.

Had brunch with some of my oldest friends.  This drink was amazing but so strong!

Chowed down on this beautiful burger.

I'm obsessed with the light in this place.  How can I bring this lighting into my own apartment?  This is a serious question.

Rowing with friends in Central Park.  We actually met at the Bethesda Fountain years ago at a Santacon event, found out we both lived in Hoboken, and have been hanging out ever since!

These ducks were not interested in all the rowboats.

Open water. Mostly.

Post-rowing lamb burger for brunch

Saturday morning mural discovery.


Central Park. Sailboats.  Peaceful.

This summer has been full of semi-touristy days trips.  Went to Governor's Island which is only a 15 minute ferry ride away from Manhattan.

Rode a bike for the first time since 1999!  I crashed into the sidewalk the first few tries, but then I got the hang of it again.

Deep blue skies and the NYC skyline

I also made it to Coney Island for the first time since 2006.

Beach times.

Watching the sun set.

Heading back home.