London Trip 2016

I'm finally back in the US and settled in from our UK adventures.  I went to London and Scotland with my mom two weeks ago and man, did I go wild with the pictures.  I estimate that I took roughly 200-300 pictures a day.  Oh yes, I was THAT person.

I wanted to recap some of our moments in the UK and let you know what our favorite things were.  Since I went a little crazy taking pictures, I need to split my recap of our UK trip into two posts.  I'm going to start out with highlights from London today and follow up as soon as possible with those from Scotland.  Prepare yourselves!

We stayed at the fabulous St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.  I am never staying anywhere else again.  Believe that.  Just look at it!

LOOK at it!

The Grand Staircase in St. Pancras.  This is the staircase that you see in the Spice Girls' Wannabe video.  So basically this is the reason I wanted to stay there.

As soon as we arrived, we went in search of some landmarks!

In truth we were looking for Westminster Abbey, bu as soon as we got out of the Tube station (we mastered the Tube while we were there!) we ran smack into Big Ben.  Hellooo....

The London Eye was right across the Thames River

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Westminster Abbey!

I wasn't able to get the best picture, but here is Buckingham Palace!

After we'd seen most of the sights, it was time to get down to what we were really there for.  Food!

That afternoon we went on B Bakery's Tea Bus Tour of London!  We got to board a double-decker bus...

Here is the selection of treats that accompany your tea.  Not pictured is the cute travel mug into which your tea is poured.

Returning to the hotel after a full day!

Our favorite meal while we were there was with a few of my coworkers.  We ended up at Dishoom in Kings Cross, which is almost right across the street from the St. Pancras hotel.

My coworkers ordered the food and we started out with samosas as a starter.  For the entrees, we ended up with a few biryanis, lentils, yogurt (raita), and a curry.  Delicious!

Lunch ended with a salted chocolate pudding with chili ice cream.  This was rich and divine!

A shot of the main entrance of Dishoom.  I love the atmosphere!

That afternoon, my mom and I took a trip over to Harrod's to do some shopping.

And of course we ended up in The Conservatory for a spot of afternoon tea!  It was cloudy and rainy all morning but we got a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon.


My mom's dress was perfect for the occasion.

Rose and jasmine tea

And scones!  Tasty scones!

Sunset time

The next morning we took a stroll in Covent Garden

Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien

Walking around early on Saturday morning

Indoor courtyard

In search of lunch!

Our first fish & chips.  Paired with wine because it was cold that day!

Still walking around and we stumbled across The Tea House.  We bought a bunch of teas while we were there.

Humongous statue in the St. Pancras station

Dinner at The Swan in Russell Square

The lamb shepherd's pie with minty mash was amazing!

Followed by a super decadent Millionaire's Cheesecake

Obligatory shot of the Tube signage

The next morning, we took an early train from London north to Edinburgh.  This is a shot of the King's Cross station while we waited for our train's platform to be announced.

Our Scotland adventures will be coming up next!