Scotland Trip 2016

I finally pulled together my pictures from Scotland!  For some reason I thought I had fewer pictures from Scotland and this would be a breeze.

Uh, no.  Settle in folks!  KIDDING! Sort of.  I whittled the pictures down to a manageable number.  I'm really excited to share these with you!  My mom and I didn't get a chance to spend too much time in Scotland but hopefully we can go back soon and spend some more time in this area.

If you want to see pictures of our London adventures, check them out HERE!

On the train ride from London to Scotland.  5 hours of farmlands and rolling hills!

Our train!  And green pastures.

The view across the street from the Edinburgh Waverly train station

The cutest B&B ever - B+B Edinburgh

Buildings around Edinburgh

More sightseeing

We walked to Edinburgh Castle

It was late in the day so we didn't pay to go into the castle, but we were able to walk around a bit outside the entrance.  And of course visit the gift shop!

The view from up there was spectacular! We were super high.

We stopped at The Huxley on the way back to the B&B.  We had crayfish mac and cheese, curry fries, spring rolls, and BBQ ribs.  Not traditional Scottish fare but it was delicious!

View from the B&B

Yet another train trip.  Headed north to the town of Nairn!  This is the town that my great grandfather grew up in.  His last name (clan) was also "Nairn".

Our first stop was the Nairn Museum

This wall of books pleases me.

This is my favorite picture from the museum.  Typewriter love.

Uniforms.  Kilts.

Nairn is in northern Scotland.  Like, really north!

After the museum, we went in search of food.  But first, we found this stream in the middle of town.  Beautiful!

The view from our table at The Sun Dancer.  Spectacular!

My mom's meal.  I don't remember exactly what she ordered (food blogger fail!) but obviously it contained sweet potatoes and I know for a fact that it was tasty.

The bass.  Look at that bacon though!

Flora on Harbour Street

Outside the train station

Plaque commemorating the station

Loch views

Even morrrrre farm views!  And hay bales

Back in Edinburgh and being a tourist in the city again

We stumbled upon The Queen's Arms

Obsessed with this candle and wax situation

My mom had the Chicken Cassoulet

I ordered more Fish & Chips.  When in the UK...

Check out the inside of The Queens Arms! Library, chandelier made of wine glasses...I could go on!

We walked back to our B&B and found this little festive place!

Another early morning train ride back to London

Just ONE more Fish & Chips before I leave this country!

This spectacular sunset greeted us as we landed back in NYC!

I hope you enjoyed my recap of both our London and Scotland adventures.  And now, back to posting about food!