Livin' The Life 12/1/16


Can I please just live in the Trader Joe's aisle with all the pumpkin products?  OK thanks.

This is what my kitchen looks like while I'm cooking and shooting at the same time.  This setup was for a recipe that I decided not to post because the food was basically drowning in the sauce and not attractive.  It was really tasty though, so I'll need to revisit it soon.

Freedom tower in the fog

Dessert Professional hosted a Top Ten Chocolatiers event at the Institute for Culinary Education in downtown New York.

These chocolates speak for themselves!

More chocolates. Send help!

At this point, although the chocolate was GORGEOUS, I started to get sick of it.

You will probably never hear those words comes out of my mouth again.

Highlight!  ICE has a hydroponic garden in their facilities!  We were shown around and tasted some of the plants there.

I really wish my basil looked like this instead of ... being dead.

Blue light at night on my commute home from work

I took a trip to Florida to visit my old roommate and also go to the Steelers game!

Sunrise from the apartment.

Sunset and caramel apple martinis.  We may have had a lot of these.  Then ordered Indian food and thought about going out.

Spoiler - we didn't go out.

West Palm Beach mural

Avocado margarita.  It sounds strange but was really tasty!

On the way back to New Jersey on a Monday morning.  I appreciate a good breakfast beer and an artery-clogging sandwich from Burger King.  I'm not proud.  I also don't care.

Early morning walk to my train in Hoboken.  NYC skyline in the distance.

I found these pumpkin trees and berries at Trader Joe's.  I'm in love! I read that the "pumpkins" are actually a type of eggplant.  Is that true?  Can someone help me out here?  Wikipedia may not be the best source.

More sunset/sunrise photos.  I can't help it!  This is the best time of the year!

I want ALL the pumpkin trees!

Purple bike + green ivy