Livin' The Life 6/26/2016

Alright friends, here is my most recent month in picture.

Fair warning, there are lots of food and drink photos in this post.  Basically I ate and drank my way through June.  I guess things could have been worse!

Coffee break at Grumpy's.  Is it weird that I'm super bothered the the counter is crooked in this shot?  I realize it's my fault for taking the picture that way, but stillll....

The NYC skyline never gets old.

Sometimes i'm so hungry after shooting that I just dig in.  This is the aftermath of my Pie Crust Pepperoni Calzone recipe.

Celebrated National Donut Day with a free donut.  Obviously.

I die in the lighting section of Home Depot.

I went to a Chocolate Party!  I overloaded on chocolate that day and I don't regret it.

Oh, and these mugs?  Need!

The view from my desk when I'm supposed to be blogging...

Why is my window so dirty?  I can't un-see this.

A beautiful surprise package from Laughing Cow!  They snuck a pic of me flying on the trapeze!  PS - The new Cheese Dippers are bomb! #reinventsnacking

I admit i have a problem and want to take all the sunset pics all the time.  But look at this one!  Just look at it!

Spending time at the Apple Store in Grand Central.

Saw Miss Alice Smith in concert this month!

When you're looking for a snack but then end up eating a whole meal and drinking all the drinks at Rosa Mexicano.

NYC evening sunlight and architecture

On fleek.  Isn't that's what the kids say these days?  Are we doing it right?

Mother/Daughter beers

Followed by Luke's Lobster lobster rolls.  My very favorite!

Dinner with the girls at Amanda's in Hoboken.  I've lived here for 9 years and never tried this place before!

Guava mojito at The Cuban in Hoboken.  I think this needs to be a weekly thing because it is delicious.