Champagne Gummy Bears

I can't be the only one who watched Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears growing up.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Well, that's got me thinking that maybe gummy/gummi is spelled with an "i"...BUT when I purchased my gummy bears, the package shows that it's spelled with a "y".  The Disney cartoons of my childhood can't be wrong!  But this packaging though...

It's too much.  Good thing these things are being soaked in JUST a little bit of alcohol to help me get over this dilemma.  Any way that you want to spell it, these gummy bears are de-lish-ous.  I soaked them overnight in the fridge for about 10 hours, and they were a nice chewy texture the next morning, which I would definitely recommend.  IF, however, you continue to keep the gummy bears in the fridge (like I did), then be prepared that they will morph into a Jell-O-like texture within the next 24 hours.  Prepare thyself.  I hate Jell-O myself (it's a texture thing) so I got rid of these with a quickness!  But, if you happen to love Jell-O, then this could be for you.

Also, I feel the need to address why I own Patron champagne flutes.  These were sent to me in a completely random care package from Patron.  I have no idea why the package was sent to me in the first place, so perhaps the Patron team was just cleaning out the warehouse and wanted to get rid of a few things.  I don't drink champagne very often, as it gives me a headache, so I never bothered to purchase champagne glasses.  Of course, this WOULD be the time that I needed champagne glasses!  Figures.


Champagne Gummy Bears

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  • 1/2 - 3/4 bottle champagne
  • 1 bag gummy bears, about 5 ounces

1) Combine the champagne and gummy bears in a large bowl until the gummy bears are covered with 2 -3 inches of champagne.

2) Stir to combine.  Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.

3) Store in the fridge for ~10 hours for chewy gummy bears.  For softer gummy bears, allow the mixture to sit for even longer, up to an additional 24 hours.  Enjoy in a glass of champagne, or serve by itself.