Serenata: A Review

I haven't done a review on here in a minute, so let's change that!  This time, I can't even take the credit for this find.  One of my friends found it and I was completely game because I can eat Mexican food wherever and whenever.

Seranata is a healthy Mexican restaurant that you can find tucked away on a side street in the beautiful Chelsea area in NYC.  They have outdoor seating options, which is definitely a bonus.  Just look at it!

Upon stepping inside, you are immediately greeted with a stunning Dia de los Muertos-inspired mural.  You can use the chairs in this picture to determine just how large this artwork is.  It's beautiful!

You can choose to be seated at the bar or at a table.  We chose to be seated at a table, though the bar area was nice as well.

Our table was festive, with a menu that reflected the mural near the entrance of the restaurant.

Cocktails list!

Tip - If you check into Seranata on Yelp, you get a free frozen house margarita!  I don't know how long this special will last but you should jump on this if you can!

This menu though....Delicious!

There are murals throughout the restaurant!

You can also choose to dine outdoors in a small courtyard in the back area.

All the wine!

For food, we ordered 2 sides as appetizers: Esquites (Mexican street corn salad) and Platanos Maduros (sweet plantains).

The corn salad was fresh and tart and creamy.  I definitely recommend trying this out!

The plantains were also delicious.  They were soft, sweet, and perfectly fried.

For the main course, we decided to order Chorizo Tacos and Chilaquiles Rojos con Filete Mignon.

I don't typically order tacos when I go out because I always feel as if I'm not full once I've eaten them.  These tacos were filing for sure.  I don't know that they would have filled me up if I hadn't had the chilaquiles dish as well, but they were really tasty!  The chorizo, onions, refried beans and guacamole were an excellent combination that I really enjoyed.

Chilaquiles!  This is really one of my favorite dishes.  I even recreated an easy version for this blog.  BUT that doesn't mean I refrain from ordering them when I'm out and about.  I mean...look at this!  This dish contains chihuahua cheese, crema, avocado and a poached egg, served over a tortilla casserole.  Oh, and don't forget that filet mignon.  So tasty!

Check out the view of the entire restaurant from the kitchen area.

This mural is also a favorite!

The view from the outside looking in.

Yes, in case you couldn't tell, I'm a fan of Seranata.  The servers were super nice and friendly and helpful.  The food was fresh and delicious and I would definitely return there in a heartbeat.  This was a short review but I just had to pop on here and let you know about this new find in the NYC area.  If you haven't been yet, I suggest you book your reservation right now!