Livin' The Life 8/22/2016

I admit that I went a little wild with the photos over the past two months.  There may or may not be quite a few below, but hopefully you enjoy the shenanigans!

Let's jump in...

Spent a day in Washington, DC.  Here's a shot of the interior, which is gorgeous!

I visited the Museum of Natural History while in DC.  I don't remember what gemstone this is but the color and the crystals are mesmerizing.

The Hope Diamond.  Stunning!

Dinosaurs are the best!

Took a trip to India Square in Jersey City with friends.  I'm loving the mural on this building.

The Indian food aftermath

There is no filter on this sunset picture.  I repeat ... no filter!

My first trip to Bierstrasse in Harlem.  This pretzel was just everything.  Everything.

Hidden alleyways in NYC

Mural across the street from Seranata

The lovely courtyard at Industry City

We had a Paint Nite lady date!

Paint Nite was immediately followed by freshly made cinnamon sugar churros dipped in Nutella

One more sunset pic.  Orange vibes this time.

Clear morning in Hoboken along the Hudson River

Foodie trip to Little Italy in The Bronx.  Appetizers from The Bronx Beer Hall.

Tasty pizza from Michael Angelo's.  I may have eaten the entire thing.  Maybe.

At some point of the night, a guy had a saddle put on his back and my friend took a ride.  This. Really. Happened.  Please also note that his eyebrows are actually a felt mustache that has been split in half...

NYC view from a boat!

Rollin' up on Lady Liberty

Last sunset pic.  I swear!

Some of the beer options at the Belgian Beer Cafe

Ace Hotel wisdom

It's cocktail time!

Can't tell you how many times I've made basil pesto this summer

Weekend trip to Asbury Park!  Glorious empty train situation.

Transferred trains at the Secaucus station, which is gorgeous!

Upon arrival at 10am, one must immediately order a large pretzel and a flight of beers.  This is brunch.

Asbury Park boardwalk

Poolside at our hotel

View of the boardwalk from the beach at night

Why was it 90 degrees at 11am!

Stopped into a coffee shop to avoid the heat and realized there were really cute items for sale in the back room.  The things turned out to be hundreds of dollars (!!!!), but they're beautiful!

My favorite piece of artwork.  Also my favorite corner of the store.

Murals might be becoming as prevalent as my sunset pics...


This gets me.

Snagged tickets to see Citizen Cope this week.  Pre-show drinks on the rooftop of Eataly.

Drinks named after Cope's songs.  While I was intrigued by these combinations, Mama's not made of money, so I stuck with wine and beer.

The beginnings of a new ice cream concoction...