Miss Lily's 7A Cafe: A Review

In case you didn't know, I had a little old birthday last week, on August 22nd.  I initially figured I'd gloss over it and go to work, like any other normal day.  Then a few days later I realized I had a few extra vacation days so why not just take some time off.

A few years ago a good friend recommended Miss Lily's to me, but I brushed it off, stating that I wasn't really interested in going to a Caribbean food place outside of the Caribbean.  Well, cut to me trolling the Instagram about a month ago and stumbling across the feed for Miss Lily's chef.  Wow wow wow!  I had to have everything.  So off I went to Miss Lily's with my friend Sandra for a birthday meal.

I went to the East Village location which is called 7A Cafe.  There is another Miss Lily's restaurant in Soho, as well as a Jerk Shack on Houston Street in NYC.  I haven't been to those, but I definitely want to make the rounds!

There are daily specials listed on the board outside.  Such good deals!

Let's talk about the inside of the cafe.  I'm in love!  There is most definitely an 80's Jamaican vibe in the place, with gorgeous hues of vibrant color everywhere.  The predominant colors, as you might expect, are green, yellow and red.  I'm not mad at it.

There is also an extensive rum collection.  I am no longer interested in drinking alcohol without some sort of mix-in, but this is a good option if you'reinto rum.  Obviously, you could also add the rum to a mixer if you like.  Drinker's choice!

This was such a chill day.  The music was on point too.  Lots of reggae and reggae-inspired jams were flowing through the speakers.

Miss Lily's sells Kelvin Slushie!!! I had an obsession with Kelvin's a summers years ago but I stopped seeking them out when winter came around that year.  Once I realized I could have a slushie AND have it turned into a dark and stormy drink?  Done and done.  Birthday drink was on point.

My friend really wanted cod fish fritters and who was I to deny this.  I'd never had them before and they were fresh and crispy and super tasty.  A curry dipping sauce was provided on the side.

I ordered the Jerk Chicken sandwich off the lunch menu.  It had a great flavor, but I would have preferred if the chicken was a little spicier.  However, that's just personal preference.  There was hot sauce on the table that I could have used to amp up the heat.  The sandwich came iwth a side of "jerk fries" which is fries coated in jerk seasoning.  I have to say that I'd never tried tris before but it was really good!  I also requested the tamarind chutney on the side because right now I'm into tamarind errything!

I got so wrapped up in my sandwich that I forgot to take a picture of my friend's Jerk Chicken Platter.  But here it is in the background of the pic above.  The platter of jerk chicken comes with a marinated cucumber salad on the side, as well as rice and peas.

Don't forget the Red Stripe!

There was also Miss Lily's Banana Pudding.  It looked amazing but I was too full to partake.  My friend said it was delicious.

Final thought: Yes, if you ever come within a thousand feet of any of the Miss Lily's 7A cafe, I would definitely recommend stopping in and partaking.  At the very least, I would say you should try the Dark & Stormy Slushie!