Red Wine & Peach Spritzers

You know I couldn't leave you guys hanging without a summer drink recipe!

In case you're wondering, yes, it is still summer.  It's still hot outside, though not as hot and humid as the past few weeks.  Fall is coming but until it's here, we must inhale all the boozy summer fun our hearts can manage.  What could be better?  Nothing.  Nothing is better.

So here what we have is a beautiful marriage between peach soda and a bottle of red red wine.  This is what we want to do with our last 3.5 minutes of summer!  Get on board this train stat.

If you're more patient than I am (I'm fairly sure that you are), then you can pour wine into the peach soda even slower than I do.  And guess what, it forms this neat separation that makes you feel all fancy when you're drinking it through paper straws.  Pinkies up! 

Also, you don't have to use peach soda.  I did because I love peach flavors (though I'm not a fan of peaches themselves -- it's a texture thing).  You can use any type of soda that you love to drink.  I won't put any limits on you.  Salud!

Red Wine & Peach Spritzers
makes 4 cocktails

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  • 1 bottle red wine (light to medium bodied)
  • 2 bottles peach soda
  • Ice
  • Straws for serving

1) Fill 4 glasses with ice.

2) Pour in the peach soda, filling each glass about a third of the way full.

3) Slowly pour the red wine into the glass.  Add a straw and serve immediately.

-recipe slightly adapted from Joy The Baker