Livin' The Life 10/25/18

I know….I haven’t been around. I’m working on it! But life is happening and I’m just trying to keep up.

While I work on actually cooking more….here are some recent shots to show what I’ve been up to instead. Fall is my favorite season and I just can’t get enough of the crisp weather, freshly-picked apples, and ALL of the pumpkins and squash. Can we also enjoy this while drinking our obligatory cup of PSL? Yes, please.


My family came to visit at the end of August and we FINALLY got to see The Lion King musical on Broadway!


I know that I talked about Burger & Lobster in my last LTL update, but I went yet again! And I already have plans to visit in November. Judge not.


This is my 3rd year attending the Metropolitan Opera Summer HD Festival. It’s outdoors and a pre-recorded opera is shown onscreen as the sun sets. Did I mention that it’s also free? It’s a great way to enjoy some of the final summer nights, as it happens usually the week before the Labor Day holiday. I will mention that the past 2 years, it was pretty chilly by the time the opera was finished, but this year it was hot and humid the.entire.time. Gross. But the opera was amazing!


Trader Joe’s is my new favorite grocery store. I recently found out they sold a convenient meat and cheese platter, which basically means I’m eating meat and cheese for the next 2 days. Thanksbye.


We finally went apple picking! I haven’t been in years but this year I reserved a rental car back in May (!!!) so that I would have absolutely no excuse not to do this. It was so much fun! I guess I should start planning next year’s trip now?


I’ve been taking Sunset Yoga classes in the Antique Bakery event space in Hoboken. Two local yogis, Meghan Kramer and James Calleo, started this monthly event this summer. I’ve been to a few so far and they are so much fun. Imagine a hundred-person yoga class in a large beautiful room, overlooking the NYC skyline, and with the sunset on the horizon. Then, after you finish the class, there are usually some alcoholic treats to enjoy.


Post-yoga NYC skyline pic


I received one of the best birthday presents ever - an Instant Pot! I love this so much. I need to experiment more, but this is my inaugural attempt at cooking with it. I made Rosemary Balsamic Pork Loins. No I didn’t take pics, but this was so delicious that I would definitely make it again!


We saw Richard Bona at his club, Club Bonafide. The show was fantastic!


All about that meat and cheese plate. This is using the meat from TJ’s. We actually ran out of the cheese that came with the package. Thankfully I hoard cheese, so a crisis was averted.


Flying out of JFK for a long weekend trip to Florida! The NYC skyline is so pretty.


Lunch in Tampa at The Rusty Pelican. Loved their decor and their food.


My friend’s balcony in Tampa. Yessssss!


Got our culture on at the Salvador Dali Museum in Tampa. This was my favorite painting.


There was also a Clyde Butcher exhibit at the Dali museum. This shot looks like it’s moving.


Oh hey, melting clock!


I’ve been having a moment with salads. I want to eat ALL the salads!


Sunday morning walks on the beach.


Bathroom pic at The Oxford Exchange. I’m obsessed with it!

Of course I didn’t see that open cabinet door until just now…


Wall art in the hall leading to the bathroom. I could have stood here for a while.


Lunch views at The Oxford Exchange.


Not the best picture, but the real reason we went to Tampa was to see our Steelers dominate over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!


Checked out the new Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken spot in Hell’s Kitchen. Yummy!


This year’s Bacon & Beer Classic was hot hot hot! It was held at the US National Tennis Center and yes, there was a lot of bacon and a lot of beer.


Alert! Trader Joe’s is filled with pumpkin items. Get ‘em while you can!


I revisited my Smoky Shrimp & Grits recipe. I forgot how good this is.


Last week we saw Robert Glasper during his residency at Blue Note in NYC. He still has a few shows left on the schedule if you’re interested! The night we went, he was playing with Nicholas Payton and Christian McBride.


I’m definitely interested in this halo halo. Nom! Mama Fina’s is the Filipino truth!


I caught up with my dear friend Katie a few weeks ago and we had dinner at Pappardella. I’ll admit that we took a bunch of selfies before this one and I may not have looked my finest. How do you take a selfie with closed eyes when you’re the one snapping the picture…?


Finally! Some IC Light on the East Coast! Watched the Steelers play at The Ainsworth in the East Village, which is the new home of the Steelers Nation NYC fan club.


BRIC’s 2019 Jazz Fest featured Terence Blanchard, featuring the E-Collective. Love love love!